European Mining Convention
Virtual edition

18-20 November,2020

Where European Mining Meets The World

European Mining Convention EMC-2020

November 18-20 - Virtual Edition

Amid the COVID 19 outbreak, business networking is facing unprecedented challenges with social distancing protocols in place across many countries. As an alternative to this inadvertent situation, virtual meeting environments are the new reality. Considering the prevalent social distancing norms and the safety of our clients as topmost priority, the European Mining Convention will go virtual this year as EMC 2020 - Virtual Edition...


Explore products & technologies

Experience new tools, products and technologies that can help you produce great work.

Create vital connections

Connect, Converge and Commerce with the different stakeholders of the mining industry in order to foster new alliances and connections. 

Gain global exposure

EMC is a global exhibition & conference, providing your business with multiple opportunities to reach new and potential clients from across the globe.  

Gain inspiration from thought leaders 

Witness the leading minds in research and innovation helping you expand your ideas of what more is possible with mining. Get inspired to challenge the status quo with sessions from acclaimed speakers and world-class mining industry leaders.  

Get ahead of the competition 

Interact directly with wide range of prospective customers in a short span of time, demonstrate and launch the latest products and services in front of the captive audience and thousands of decision-makers from the metal & mining industry and maximize brand awareness worldwide. 


The Exhibition

The exhibition at EMC 2020 will bring together national and international mining companies, equipment companies and service providers from across the globe in a virtual setting, facilitating them to promote their brands and introduce new products & solutions in the real time in front of an enthused audience.
The live exhibition will allow an excellent virtual showcase of the products and services with virtual exhibition halls and feature packed customisable 3D booths. It will offer ample branding options and opportunities to interact with prospects in real time through integrated chat and video conferencing features.
The virtual expo will facilitate exchange of virtual business cards, brochures, videos etc, offer an integrated e-commerce system, and help gauge instant market reaction with qualified leads and comprehensive reports.


The online interactive conference will provide an exclusive platform for business experts, thought leaders and policymakers to connect and share the valuable insights on the different aspects of the mining industry including the latest trends & techniques, global collaborations, lessons learned and real time solutions to tackle the ongoing challenges.
Continuing with the theme ‘sustainability, innovation and experience’, the online conference at EMC 2020 - Virtual Edition will cover the entire mining value chain to discuss the way forward for the global mining industry with leading-edge technologies disrupting the mining domain and solutions evolving the mining industry towards a sustainable future.
EMC 2020 virtual conference will feature Live/pre recorded Webinars, powerpoint presentations, Q&A’s, series of keynotes and panel sessions which can also be downloaded as per convenience.

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Visitor Profile

  •   Global Mining Companies
  •   Quarrying Companies
  •   Metallurgical Companies
  •   Exploration Companies
  •   Metal Companies
  •   Minerals Processing
  •   Service Providers
  •   Service Integrators
  •   Geological Surveys
  •   Technology Providers
  •   Consultants
  •   Agents and Distributors
  •   Major Contractors
  •   Equipment Providers
  •   Ministries and Governments Departments
  •   Regulatory Bodies
  •   Environmental Agencies
  •   Trade Delegations
  •   Industry Associations
  •   Investors and Financial Institutions
  •   Policy Makers
  •   R & D Experts
  •   Junior Miners
  •   Academia


How it works?

The short video will give you a glimpse of how this exclusive networking & exhibiting platform can help you network with fellow attendees and chat instantly in a comprehensive virtual environment, schedule pre arranged 1-2-1 business meetings, foster long term business partnerships and showcase products and services to the global audience in a hassle-free manner.

Benefits & Features

Hassle-free Registration

Participants shall be provided with a hasslefree and flexible registration platform

Live Chat

Chat with exhibitors & key stakeholders in a real time social environment.

Downloadable Content

Access downloadable content like video presentations, brochures, catalogues, flyers for each participating company.

Ease of Access

Conference and exhibition can be accessed from any part of the world and will run on the latest version of all major browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox , etc and Android & IOS mobile platforms.

Instant Contact Exchange

Attendees can view all the necessary information presented in the display booth of each exhibiting company by using a simple click through proces, thereby connecting them with exhibitors in real time over chat, video or email.

Virtual Exhibitor Booth

Exhibitors and sponsors can build a customisable display booth to showcase their multimedia elements including branding, logos, messaging, banners, brochures, videos, handouts etc. They can also showcase new products & services to the global audience and generate instant sales leads.


Seamless Networking Opportunities

Participants will experience a pragmatic virtual interactive setting to connect and collaborate with the exhibitors, speakers, delegates and other stakeholders effortlessly.

Exclusive Conferences

Be a part of live presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, etc to present and hear from industry leaders and luminaries through a comprehensive online knowledge sharing platform.

Schedule Pre-arranged Meetings

A prearranged business meeting setup will be provided to the participants desiring to have an interpersonal chat with potential clients.

Comprehensive Reports

Sponsors and Exhibitors can keep track of the booth traffic, details of each attendee visited and gain other valuable insights like people connected with, Business cards exchanged (Requests made & requests accepted), Chats made with exhibitors through comprehensive reports.

Keynote Speaker Presentation

Keynote Speakers can deliver their key insights and interact with audiences via live chat, Q&A, polling sessions etc. Presentation mode can be live, semi-live or on demand video broadcasting.

Realtime Dashboard

Stay up-to-date with Real Time Dashboard so as to make optimal and informed decisions at every stage of the event. Exhibitors can easily share data with different teams to keep everyone in the loop.

Customised Plugin Support

Exhibitors and sponsors can choose from a number of plug-n-play plugins available on the platform to take their virtual event experience to the next level.

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